AnnoPlan Rostering Spreadsheet
New Concept... Date-based Spreadsheet Scheduler
We're going straight to the point and showing you some screen examples...
Judge for yourself the power and simplicity...
You could use it to schedule production... 
or You could run a hotel...

You can drag the days apart and look at just one day...

or Drag them together and see 8 weeks in one hit...

AnnoPlan is aimed at users who need to quickly generate and print Rosters.
Examples are...
Holiday or Shift rosters for your company's staff.
Production schedules for rostering machines.
Hotel or Motel Bookings.
School TimeTables. Hospital Nursing Rosters
Schedules for Building operations.

AnnoPlan prints what you see on the screen.
Whichever format you select on screen (see the examples above), AnnoPlan will print in the same way.
So, you can quickly supply easily read reports for Notice Boards. 

AnnoPlan Emails your current Roster. 
Whichever format you select on screen (see the examples above), AnnoPlan will EMAIL in the same way.
After completing a Roster, simply hit the new Email button and a SNAPSHOT of your roster is created.
This is a JPEG file that is then auto-attached to a blank email composition form, ready for you to address
and send out. If the Roster is deep (more Rows than one screen) then several JPEGs are created.
When the Recipients open their mail, they will be able to see the Roster(s) instantly. 

AnnoPlan may best be described as a "Date-based Spreadsheet".
Date-cells may be flagged with letters to illustrate Shifts, Holidays or  Rooms booked etc.
Define and use your own 4 character Flags or simply type lengthy text messages into any cell.
Blocks of Date-cells may be Block-Filled, Copied, Pasted or Deleted.
The Roster's calendar is switchable between 5 and 7 day week displays.
The width of the date-columns may be varied, individually or for ALL column-widths. 
A "Jump Button" takes you quickly to any date between 1928 and 2097 to then place Flags or Text.
Improved in V5 - As you slide the horizontal Scroll-bar you can see the date you wish to move to, on release.

AnnoPlan Date-cells may also be Counted or Added.
From V4 - "Drag & Count" or "Drag & Add" features turn AnnoPlan into a true spreadsheet.
Click a cell that contains a value and drag across some days or weeks.
Instantly, a "Projected Value" appears, gained from multiplying the 1st cell's value by the number of cells selected.
In addition, the actual values in the cells are accumulated to produce a Total when the Mouse button is released.
For greater ranges (Months or Years) you may use the alternate "Count Cells Flags" or "Add Cell Values" functions.
Cell values may be detected simply by "1st numeric found" or a more powerful "Flagged value" requirement.
From V4 - Search Function - You may now search the cells for a required word.

AnnoPlan is fully featured, with a detailed Help module.
System Requirements...
Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, ME, XP + Vista (Needs v5.3 +  user must permit Read/Write on Application folder).

Purchase Information...
Try it for 30 days. US $30 if you decide to keep it.

AnnoPlan V5.2 Download...

Preferred method -  Download from Simtel Net
or you may Download directly from here

AnnoPlan V5.3 Download...
Download directly from here 

(Version 5.3 is different to v5.2  only in that it shouold run on Vista. )
Vista Users  - V5.3 will work but you may find helpful this Installation information...
The instructions below are needed because by default, Vista will not allow data to be written back
into Application folders that are created in the "Program Files" folder.
For simplicity, Annoplan keeps it's software, config and data files in one tidy folder called "AnnoPlan".
Vista won't allow the database to be written back to,  so you need to adjust the security permissions on
the Annoplan folder as follows...     

1. After unzipping the file - click on "Setup"
2. Install to the default location - "C:\Program Files\Annoplan"
Unfortunately, warnings/errors may appear during the install (eliminating
the warnings would require a major re-write).
Please ignore every warning until you see "Installation successful"
3. Look for the the new Annoplan Icon in your Programs List (under the Start button) and Right-click on it.
Choose the option "Open File Location" - to bring up a view of the files that were installed.
In the left-hand window, you should see the "AnnoPlan" folder (inside the Programs Folder).
4. Right-click on the AnnoPlan folder, then on "Properties", then look for the "Security" Tab and select it.
5. Click on the "Edit" button, scroll down the list of User names - until you find your User account - then
put a check mark on "Full Control" and "Modify". Click on "Apply".
6. You can now close all the windows, return to the Programs List and try running Annoplan.
It should run OK now.

TheAnnoplan  author was delighted to receive the following email from Estrella Kennels of Sunbury California on 7th July 2004...

"Thank you for writing such a great program.  I have been using it for 5 years at the kennel and it is AMAZING.
  The second download was for a back up at home. DUH. Thanks again. Carolyn"

The author wrote back, asking if he could post the message on this website.
The sender replied saying "I can do you a much better one than that !"
And here is her final word...

"I was computerizing my business and desperate for a scheduling program.
I looked at kennel and hotel software, but none of them fit the bill.  They
were either to complicated to learn or had too many bells and whistles.
AnnoPlan was like manna from heaven.  It is easy to learn, use and is
exceptionally reliable.  What used to take me hours with a flow chart can
now be done in minutes.  I can never thank you enough! Carolyn Chaffee,
Owner, Estrella Kennels
Further questions or support...   Email AnnoPlan